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  Proper cleanroomgarments
The following are requirements for proper cleanroom garments:
     - Line-Free / Low particle fabric accessories :  Cleanroom fabric must be made of 100% continuous
filaments polyester and conductive yarn (carbon).  All accessories used in the cleanroom garment; for
instance, zipper, snap, elastic, sewing thread, must not generate particle.
     - Eliminate loose particle from cut fabric edges :  Most proper cleanroom fabrics are made of
‘micro fiber’ continuous filament.  The micro fiber is lint free, until it is cut into the garment pieces.  Millions of
micro fiber particles will become loose after the garment has been worn and undergone laundry process. 
PAT garments use Heat Sealed method, in order to melt / close fabric edges, which leave no rooms for loose
fiber to contaminate the clearnroom.
     - The use of French seam / Lab seam :  We offer the French seam or Lab seam for all products which
is suitable for cleanroom garments. 
     - Good fitting :  The coverall, frock, hoods, shoes cover must be comfortable and fit well.  Too big or too loose garment fitting can create contamination problem, due to the fact that the pressure of hot air from body temperature inside the garment tends to push the particles from inside the garment out.

- Our cleanroom garments are manufactured with a clean concept; that is, the fabric and all accessories used in the garments must not lint / shading particles.  Every cut fabric edge must be sealed by heat “Heat Sealed” or Overlock fabric edging in order to eliminate losing micro fiber particle from the open cut fabric.
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